Early Value Engineering Creates Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Many firms “value engineer” a building after it comes in over budget and they have to reduce costs. We take a different approach. We are consistently looking at alternative methods to construct buildings and suggest alternative building materials from the very start, as estimates are initially prepared. That way our clients can maximize their budgets prior to going to bid. We will also take into consideration the on-going maintenance and operational costs.

WBC provides value analysis on alternative building materials, and we base our value engineering approach and cost opinions on current data as well as our own actual cost histories. Our intent is to provide the design team with the pros and cons of each option considered, not only in terms of cost but also availability, practicality, on-going operational costs, and feasibility.  

Multiple Options, Estimates Lead to Optimum Commercial Building Value

It is our normal practice to supply estimates and budget reviews at the close of project conception. This includes schematic design, design development and construction documents. This usually equates to three or four estimates. However, depending upon the scope and magnitude of a project, as well as the bidding climate, we may provide as many as seven different estimates prior to going to actual bid of a project.

Since we do not have our own design or engineering staff in-house, we are exposed to numerous outside firms. This provides us access to a variety of designs and operating systems with numerous material and design options. And, since we work with a number of clients that have fixed budgets, we are constantly seeking more cost-effective solutions for building materials and systems.

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