Towards a Serious-Minded Construction Safety Program

Construction safety is everyone’s business. But it begins and ends with us. We take our safety program very seriously. Some might even say that when it comes to our employees, contractors and clients, safety is a sacred and solemn commitment.

We also know that a stellar safety record, such as WBC’s, doesn’t just happen because we say we’re serious about it. It happens because we work at it. In this regard, safety is earned through a comprehensive program.

How We Create a Rigorous Safety Program

The best way we’ve found to earn an outstanding safety record is to integrate it into our process. It begins with our staff undergoing a rigorous safety training program. Our formal program includes required completion of OSHA’s training course, Competent Person Training. It continues with mandatory participation in the following:

  • Three safety videos
  • CPR and first aid training
  • Attendance at our annual safety conference

We also have a collection of six, on-site safety manuals that are maintained by our site superintendent. Additionally, we hold weekly safety meetings on-site with all contractors and we maintain workplace safety inspection records.

To enhance our construction safety program, we contract with an outside firm to conduct random on-site inspections to evaluate our staff and all contractors on the site.

If they are out of compliance, a report similar to what OSHA creates will be written and submitted to the offending firm. In the event there are any special concerns, we will have that firm make a special visit to the site.

Finally, the project site will be controlled so as to limit access to the construction area. We also use security and web cameras for viewing the project in real-time over the Internet. These measures provide an additional level of site security and control.