Working with Contractors

We believe very strongly that in order to provide for a successful project, we must all work together as a team working toward a common cause. It is important that early in the construction process we define the role and responsibility of each team player to avoid duplicating efforts or omitting services.

As a leader, Winkelman takes primary responsibility over the project budget with our senior estimator providing accurate estimates throughout the early stages of design. We ultimately take control of the project schedule, budget, quality and site safety.

Pre-qualification of bidders prior to bid day will focus on reputable and qualified trade contractors and suppliers who are known to WBC, Architect or Owner.  After bid submission and prior to awarding the contract, trade contractors will be pre-qualified based on previous experience, customer references, professional referrals, financial stability, insurance compliance, project schedule, performance compliance and acceptance of contract documents and stipulations.

We will package the bid divisions in a manner conducive to attracting as many local contractors as possible.   At WBC, we understand the importance of local involvement from a political perspective as well as for the convenience of warranty and maintenance issues.

Winkelman Building Co. LLC will conduct pre-bid meetings, intended to present the project in general terms and explain the design/build bid package process to trade contractors.  During this meeting we will also outline our expectations relating to staffing needs and schedule adherence so there is no misunderstanding if they are selected.

The trade contractor's bid will be closely reviewed for compliance with construction documents and schedules. Each trade contractor will be interviewed regarding his approach and commitment to the job prior to executing a contract.

We typically try to create 30-40 bid divisions and then attempt to solicit a minimum of three to five bidders for each bid division.  This will create a contractor pool of 100 to 200 contractors.

Once the project starts the project manager will handle the coordination of the project and all contractor related issues and cost issues as well as coordinate the project schedule and budget.  He will coordinate all team meetings and present project status reports to the Owner on a bi-weekly basis.

The site superintendent will coordinate and document the daily activities of the construction trades making certain all specifications are maintained and that any defective labor or materials are rejected.  It is their responsibility to stay in constant contact with the Owner's staff to address any issues that may arise.

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