Technology Driven: From Materials to Methods

Two of the biggest trends impacting how commercial construction gets performed are in the areas of communication and green building technologies. Rapid and numerous changes have created both challenges and opportunities. This technology dominated era has left some in our industry behind while allowing others to move forward towards a more sustainable, beneficial and exciting future.

Green Building Technology at Work

WBC, for example, has seen great potential in the shift towards prefabricated/precast products. The ability to prefabricate building components indoors and ship them to a job site is of great benefit in Minnesota’s rather unpredictable and at times extreme weather conditions. Utilizing prefabricated technology we were able to complete the MSB college project in only one month.

The possibilities of utilizing green building technology and materials for your building expansion or project are endless. At WBC, we have a vast and ever-growing vision of embracing technology-driven and sustainable building design.

Project Communication and Application Technologies at Work

Robust and well-integrated project communication and workflow technologies are critical to a successful project. WBC’s technology toolbox includes everything from smartphones and PCs/mobile devices with secure job site Internet/WiFi to Oracle Primavera Contact Manager and Project Management software applications.

But putting project technologies to work doesn’t end there. We are also able to utilize the following to keep you up to date and your project moving forward as efficiently and effectively as possible:

  • Commercial scanners and plotters
  • Blue Beam and Drop Box for sharing project documents, record keeping and file sharing
  • Autodesk Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • WinEst Pro for estimating
  • Web cameras for viewing real-time project status and security
  • Web conferences for team member and client updates

As you can see, WBC is well-equipped and positioned to leverage a broad spectrum of technology for the success of your project. From the methods we use to communicate to the materials chosen for construction, adopting technology in a smart and useful way is WBC’s way for getting business done. Choosing and utilizing technologies wisely creates a process that moves us all forward into a bright and sustainable future.

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