Construction Techniques Designed to Save You Time, Money, and Hassle

We understand the demands on your time are enormous and that you’re constantly being pulled in multiple directions. What’s the potential value of a construction project? What’s it actually going to cost? How can every single detail be managed in the most efficient and reliable manner?

These are the questions business owners and commercial construction clients don’t just want, but need to know. To help, we’ve built an exhaustive pre-construction review and evaluation process to save you time, money and worries. Our cost effective construction techniques have been built with you in mind.

You Benefit from Winkelman’s Cost Saving Construction Process in 8 Ways:

  1. We get involved in the initial planning and design to provide cost saving suggestions and accurate estimates on all procedures and materials. We’ll also explore sustainable and green building options.
  2. Our full-time, experienced estimators have strong relationships with trade contractors. We work as a team to provide you with the most accurate budget estimates. Multiple estimates are prepared and plans are reviewed in detail.
  3. We personally invite selected bidders with whom we’re established to attract multiple bidders for each bid division. Our method for separating bid divisions can provide you with a pool of more than 100 to 200 bids.
  4. Local bidders are personally invited to participate in the selection process. This helps support local contractors, gives the Owner readily available access to your team, and helps with warranty and maintenance issues. This will also reduce travel and mobilization costs.
  5. Pre-bid meetings held on-site will remove any concerns so bids are clear, accurate, and concise. Removing the unknowns and being transparent means your project will be competitive and attractive.
  6. user-friendly bidding process allows contractors to access plans directly through our website to encourage participation and minimize their expense.
  7. Our full-time superintendent is on-site to address concerns and reject faulty materials or workmanship. This person works as a representative to eliminate problems and ensure integrity and quality of the project.
  8. We will maintain your schedule to reduce downtime for fewer delays and incurred costs. A rolling schedule is updated weekly and shared with all subcontractors. We also identify items with long lead-times and order materials early or find alternative materials.
Since 1969, Winkelman has managed renovations, additions and new facility projects across numerous industries including educational facilities, governmental facilities, churches, assisted living centers, office complexes, healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, multi-family housing units and historic preservation. Let us guide you through your next building project.