Why Go with Single Source Design Build Contractors?

The approach of linking an architect together with a contractor under one contract offers owners a single-point of responsibility. This design/build project delivery system lets owners enjoy advantages of reduced risks and overall cost control by holding a single entity responsible for the entire project.

Design/build is not simply a portfolio of services offered by a contractor, but rather a deliberate and carefully planned delivery of an entire experience. From start to finish, Winkelman Building Co. LLC's design/build project delivery system includes high levels of collaboration, trust, interaction and feedback. Throughout the experience, we focus on minimizing your risk while staying true to your initial vision.

Top 7 Advantages of our Design/Build Project Delivery System for Owners

  1. Identifies a single source for accountability and responsibility
  2. Allows selection of the best architects, engineers and design team members according to the unique nature of each project
  3. Encourages early involvement between the architect and builder during the design stage
  4. Creates the ability to fast track a project, thereby reducing the development timeline
  5. Provides value engineering of alternative methods and materials
  6. Promotes greater control over costs and schedule
  7. Reduces change orders