Gain Start-to-Finish Construction Management Expertise

With Construction Management services by Winkelman Building Co. LLC, owners are in complete control of the entire budget process, and more. It means every aspect of the project is tightly managed and controlled with the owner having the final say on all project aspects.

Through this process we will typically divide your project into as many as 30 or 40 bid divisions. This provides the opportunity to solicit a much greater number of bidders from our extensive database, and in so doing, more competitive bid responses are achieved.

Another key aspect of how business owners’ benefit from our start-to-finish Construction Management process is in the way in which we serve as your exclusive advocate. As pointed out in the Top 10 Benefits of Construction Management Services, we place a construction manager and expert on-site during all phases of construction. The expert is not there to swing a hammer, but to be aware of any potential issues involving disputes and change orders, and then resolve them in an aggressive and fair manner.

On our “What We Do” page you can learn more about our Construction Management strengths, and we have a blog discussing construction management fees. Bottom line, your best interests are expertly represented with our Construction Management service through every phase of your project. We serve not just as your construction manager and team, but as your fiduciary advocate by thoroughly monitoring budgets throughout the project, coordinating trade contractors and seeing to it that the work is running on schedule.

To learn more, check out our Top 10 Benefits of Construction Management Services.