Premier Pre-Fab Steel and Insulated Panel Commercial Building Systems

As a result of the dynamic line of building systems that WBC offers, we consider ourselves at the vanguard of the pre-engineered metal and structural insulated panel systems industries. Our clients have access to a number of complimentary lines of pre-engineered technology, each suited to meet the needs of a variety of project categories. WBC customers stand to benefit from the close relationship we have with these top-notch commercial building systems providers.

Behlen Building Systems

Behlen Manufacturing is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of pre-fabricated steel systems. They remain focused on ensuring the timely delivery of a quality, guaranteed product to their regional builders. Behlen is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction and has selected Winkelman Building Co. LLC to represent them in central Minnesota.

Energy Panel Systems

Energy Panel Systems (EPS) manufactures state-of-the-art insulated panel systems for temperature controlled storage facilities and insulated distribution warehouses and also as a cost effective alternative to other structural materials in situations where temperature is not a factor. Their engineers have patented various processes in the manufacturing of premier products such as their Energy-Lok, Tuffy and Solid Core product lines.

Both Behlen and EPS systems are 100% compatible in the design and construction of dynamic, highly functional and cost-effective buildings. We have utilized these innovative structural systems together on projects by no means limited to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. In fact, Behlen Building Systems have been incorporated into the construction of many of our educational, institutional and office projects.

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