Solar Projects

Solar power is the future. As solar projects build momentum all across the United States, client requests inevitably turn to solar. And, once commercial builders fully recognize the benefits of solar power, they’re sold.

Why Solar Power?

Building green adds monetary value to your project and supports a healthy local environment. Solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and abundant. While conventional energy costs are increasing 4-5% annually, solar power is becoming more and more affordable. 

With current tax credits and incentives, a solar commercial system can pay for itself in 5 years or less. That figures out to a 15 percent internal rate of return on investment. Anyone who pays a commercial electric bill stands to benefit by looking at solar and how companies on the east and west coast are benefiting.


Incorporating Solar Power

Solar panels occupy otherwise unused space on the rooftops of buildings - allowing that space to generate electricity and protect the rooftop. Solar power systems can be incorporated during the planning stages of a construction project or added to an existing structure. Some variables will differ based upon circumstance:

New Structures

When solar is built into a building’s initial design, it allows for passive solar design. This means optimizing energy efficiency around the sun’s natural patterns and designing enough roof space to accommodate energy needs.

Existing Structures

Modern roofing codes ensure commercial roofs are strong enough to accommodate solar panels. The panels weigh less than five pounds per square foot. It’s easy to work around existing rooftop infrastructures: fans, pumps, or air coolers. We maintain distance from those obstacles regardless, since they shade the panels.

Why Winkelman?

We don’t throw solar on top of a building when it’s not right for it. Our job is to build an integrated system that works on the customer side of the meter. We look at all aspects of energy usage to help reduce operation costs.

By reducing operation costs, buildings become more valuable, and extra savings can be poured into other expenses, like mortgage payments. Appraisers recognize the value of solar just in the increased equity of the building and its quick payback. 

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