Kingsley Shores

Lakeville, MN

This is a 135,000-square-foot senior housing campus with a mix of 35 independent, 34 assisted living and 32 memory care units with underground parking. It is situated on the shores of Kingsley Lake in Lakeville, MN. As such, we were restricted to 25 percent impervious site coverage which posed a challenge on an already tight site. To meet the pervious surface requirements, all driveway, parking and sidewalk area are made of paving stones.

To reduce runoff to the lake, we incorporated a low-impact system that is 167 feet long and includes three 72-inch diameter tanks to collect surface water, subsurface infiltrations and rainwater harvesting. The building has rain gutters and 42 roof drains that completely surround the building and empty into this system which slowly releases the rainwater back into the lake over time. This system is perforated and sits in a bed of rock to collect all rain water from the building as well as that which flows through the paving stones and rain garden from the surface.

We also incorporated numerous other sustainable items including LED lighting, low-flow water fixtures, energy efficient pumps and motors, and recycled materials.