St. Cloud Subaru

St. Cloud, MN

In 2015, St. Cloud Subaru purchased what was previously Toy's R’ Us, located on the corner of 2nd Street South and Park Avenue South. The Subaru dealership needed more room than what their previous location provided. Their new location not only has more room, but also gives them room to grow in the future. Winkelman Building Corp. began working on renovating the 30,000 square foot building soon after St. Cloud Subaru purchased the space, and the transformation is incredible.

The new St. Cloud Subaru dealership in St. Cloud, MN is the largest eco-friendly dealership in Minnesota. Their eco-friendly features include motion sensor parking lot lights, ENERGY STAR equipment, LED lighting and more. They also utilized programmable thermostats, fast-track garage doors, daylighting, low-flow water fixtures, construction waste recycling and on-going operational waste management.

The unique part of this project was its transformation from a store that sold toy cars to one that sold real cars. The original concept plans from December of 2014 that were submitted for a CUP never really changed. All items of the project were managed by WBC with regards to design, governmental, construction and Subaru Corporate standards for the Owner. Subaru Corporate provided finish selections that allowed voluntary alternates for review. WBC and the Owner spent significant time selecting and reviewing equals that supported cost changes while not reducing quality and ensuring eco-friendly standards.