Eye Surgeons & Physicians

St. Cloud, MN

(Clinic Remodel and Addition)

Take 16,000 square feet of remodeling, add an additional 2,200 square feet of new construction and install an elevator to the middle of an occupied healthcare clinic while it remains open for business and you face the challenges we did at Eye Surgeons and Physicians. Once we created new office space in the basement and staff were able to relocate downstairs, we created a number of new exam rooms and lab testing stations. We moved and created a new retail optical shop, a surgical room and clean room, staff cubicles, new scheduling stations, split the registration area into two new stations and created a new entry and waiting area. A drive-under canopy was added and included radiant heat in the sidewalk and drop-off area to eliminate snow and ice in the winter. The parking lot was also enlarged and a north entry to the parking lot was installed. The entire exterior of the building then received a major makeover with EIFS and a cornice parapet.