Charitable Donations: Building Trust, Belonging, Belief

Talk of our core values involving community stewardship, practicing community service and creating sustainability would be empty without taking meaningful action in the area of charitable contributions. It's a very tangible way for us to delight in making wonderful things happen in and around us.

Moreover, the giving of our time, resources and talents in ways that benefit our communities instills in us a deep sense of belonging. Belonging we know builds trust, and trust brings about belief. In fact, you might say it creates sustainable belief – a belief that we'll be here tomorrow – growing right alongside those with whom we work with and for.

Becoming a Part of Community through Charitable Giving

And so, as we've come to understand, charitable contributions are not made with a "one-and-done" mindset or as a showcase of plaques on a wall. They are living testaments to our ongoing involvement and our covenant to be an integral part of community.

Examples of donated construction management services:

  • Lake George Fountain
  • Quiet Oaks Hospice House
  • Bernick's Arena
  • St. Francis Elementary School Gymnasium

Furthermore, we serve on various boards throughout our communities; make donations to institutions such as the St. Cloud Technical & Community College, Catholic Charities, Central Minnesota Boy Scouts, St. Cloud Area YMCA, Boys and Girls Club of Central Minnesota, Sartell-St. Stephen Education Foundation and others. These charitable contributions by WBC are just a small part of what we do as an organization. The larger part is what we've done and will continue to do as individual members of WBC reach out, each in his or her unique way, to become living members of their community.

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Winkelman Building Endowment Scholarship Recipients at St Cloud Technical and Community College are Mark Barbaro and Adric Waibel.