We’re in the Business of Building - Lasting Value

We’re builders. We build to solve problems, fulfill visions, and create a better tomorrow. We build, not with hammers, but as designers, estimators, project managers, construction superintendents and a seasoned support staff. We are accountable to every customer on every project. We’re fully committed to everything we do.

Everything we do, we do for the betterment of our customers, but also for us and our communities. These are the values which make our firm strong and enduring:

Save customers time and money.

Our extensive planning, pre-construction and project management process is designed for saving customers the most precious resources they have: time and money.

Success is measured by community stewardship.

Our most notable successes have been in serving our community. For us, it’s more a matter of stewardship than of giving back. We recognize our communities are worth caring for and preserving.

Sustainability for all.

Our standard for creating sustainability extends from our staff to our clients and communities as well. It’s not just in our services and what we build; it’s in who we are and get to work with, too. It’s a collective consciousness to develop and grow in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Build and maintain long-term relationships.

Our approach to selecting trade contractors is not based on building exchange lists, but by inviting bidders from our database of more than 2,600 trusted contractors. Locals are personally called and invited to participate. And because these relationships have been forged and maintained over many years and many projects, it results in stronger alignment of shared values leading to quality outcomes for all parties. Plus, since we don't self-perform any of the trade contracting, we are never competing against our subcontractors.

Be prepared for the future.

Our history is that of continuity of leadership, and succession planning is in place to ensure our longstanding goal: profitable growth and a consistent business for years to come. The next generation of Winkelman leaders are already preparing for this future as we begin to experience the technological era and other changes occurring in our industry.

With these core values to guide us we operate as one firm. We come to better understand the challenges before us. We are confident that working together we will bring lasting value to the people we work with, the communities we support, and the customer projects we build not only in the St. Cloud and central mn areas, but across the country.