The Winkelman Company Story

The Founding of Winkelman Enterprises in 1969

Don Winkelman, Sr. was a construction superintendent in 1968, traveling from one job site to the next. He loved his job. But family comes first, and when his wife was suddenly struck with cancer, Don knew he needed to be near her side and work closer to home.

Having dreamed of one day, running his own construction company in MN, Don saw this as an opportunity to start his own business. And so he, along with his sons, established Winkelman Enterprises as a family-owned business. Their focus, for the next 14 years, was on commercial and institutional construction in Central MN.

The Beginnings of Winkelman Building Corporation in 1983

Winkelman Building Corporation is not only a professional construction company in Central MN, but is also well-known for how the ownership torch has been passed: from one set of committed leaders to the next. Though our business model has evolved over the years, the knitting of leadership together with our business, community and core values has not.

Winkelman Building Corporation (WBC) has enjoyed the continuity of strong leadership from the day it was founded, leading right up to the present moment. And this was certainly the case, when in 1983, two of Winkelman’s long-term employees, Duane Schultz and Keith Schupp, purchased Winkelman Enterprises and renamed it Winkelman Building Corporation.

Into the Future of Project Management

Since 1969, WBC has built upon its knowledge and reputation as a full-service construction company in St. Cloud MN. The 90s ushered in a move towards specialization as we saw opportunity, within our industry, to focus our business model more on project management and general contracting than on hands-on building.

And, as a construction manager that offers general contracting and design/build services, along with how we've tailored our professional staff, we are now in a much better position to meet the needs of the market. To see how we build value for customers with project management services, see our Construction Management, General Contracting, Design/Build and Top Ten Benefits of Construction Management Services pages.

We know the future too will be bright. That’s because we have the people who are preparing now to become the next generation of Winkelman Building Corporation. They’re working today, right alongside us, and we’re excited to see what they add to the rich history and the ongoing story of Winkelman Building Corporation. They are:

  • Andy Auger our CFO and Executive VP. Andy joined WBC in 1998.
  • Robbie Schultz our Senior Project Manager. Robbie joined WBC in 2004.
  • Jay Vogel our Senior Estimator. Jay joined WBC in 1997.

Together, we aim to fulfill our mission for a long time to come.

At Winkelman Building Corporation we pride ourselves on consistently delivering quality commercial construction services ensuring that standards remain high, while value and accountability remain fundamental to every project.