Winkelman Building Co. LLC: Where Ideas are Born and Delivered

When you look to the future, there’s little doubt your current facilities will be suitable for the vision and goals you’ve set for your business. You know expansion or relocation is necessary, but how? And what will it really take in terms of resources, planning and management to make that happen?

For over four decades we’ve been supplying answers to those questions for business owners and commercial real estate professionals alike. Our unique construction process and knowledge in the latest construction trends is engineered for success. Not just for surpassing what you had in mind with the bricks and mortar, but for giving you peace of mind from start to finish as well.

The Key to Successful Building Construction

It all begins with thorough up-front planning. In our process no detail is too small or unimportant. While no one can guarantee there won’t be any problems, we reduce the likelihood of them occurring and causing any significant impact or disruption to the project by anticipating situations that may arise and provide solutions to minimize their effect.

And that’s why the best time to get us involved is early, when ideas are starting to flow. This allows us to engage our: Winkelman Cost Saving Techniques. These are 8 of the best ways we’ve found to realize a more efficient design and accurate cost analysis for the project. They also provide opportunity for exploring the potential benefits of incorporating sustainable “green” building materials and operating systems in the plan. That too will save you time and money.

In addition to our cost saving techniques, successful construction projects are also based on a number of specialties that characterize and set our firm apart, namely:

Why Work with Winkelman Building Co. LLC?

Work with us and you’ll quickly learn we leave nothing to chance. More than anything else you will find that we communicate and execute better than any other design/build company in the area. That’s one reason 80 percent of our business is from repeat clients. But it’s not the only reason.

Clients look to partner with us because our vision and values align with their own. If we feel we’re not a good fit for a project, we won’t pursue it. We don’t chase bids, government contracts or residential construction.

And if you happen to believe in and are committed to bringing value to the community you work and live in, we’ll get along just fine.

What dream can we help you create that will make a lasting impact, not just to the business, but for communities, for generations to come?